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May 2002
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Flora and Fauna

This part of South East Queensland is home to many and varied species of Flora and Fauna. One of VETO's objectives is to help protect and conserve key parts of the natural environment for these native animals and plants.

Vegetation Clearing

The Oakley-Greenwood Report used by Minister McArdle to justify his decision to approve the Energex proposed second Loganlea to Jimboomba 110kV powerline includes the Energex map (below) that shows the Vegetation to be Cleared along the Logan River. 
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vegetation clearing ogw appendix 9-2-1 fiar-koala habitat-fig11-1
Vegetation Clearing Map (source: OGW Report Appendix 9.2.1) Koala Habitat Values Map (source: Energex FIAR figure 11.1)

This map also shows the start of the expected Vegetation (Tree) Clearing south of Logan Village, but by omission fails to show the full extent of the clearing that will occur.

Energex continue to downplay the impact of constructing their proposed dual (33kV and 110kV) overhead powerline with a 40 metre cleared easement through private residential properties along the existing F470 easement from Pioneer Drive to Camp Cable Road then through more Camp Cable Road residential properties to the Jimboomba substation.

As shown in the Koala Habitat Values map, this section of the proposed powerline is through High Value Koala Habitat. Energex claim the existing easement is 20-35 metres wide (OGW p42) but the existing F470 easement is 10 metres with much of it overgrown, providing habitat connectivity in this sensitive environment area.

Oakley-Greenwood (p53) highlights "There are differences in the legislation in Queensland to some other states that have resulted in Energex.. having a policy of not using public roads as preferred line routes." 

This area is high value koala habitat and should not be considered for a 40 metre cleared powerline easement. Instead, this powerline should be located on main roads eg Waterford-Tamborine Road and Camp Cable Road. But it appears Energex do favour powerline easements through private properties because they are exclusive and easier to impose on residents than it is to negotiate a road easement with Queensland Transport.  Obviously the legislation needs to be reviewed, but is there the will to fix this current situation ?